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The Even Happier Happy Unemployed


Caution: at any moment these people could be jumping for joy

Today Fox News cautiously pointed out how much fun the unemployed are having. The article reminds us of the care free  joys that come to life after employment, such as dumpster diving, and designing that dream box you always wanted to live in.

Forget all the luxuries that come along with being unemployed(if we spend to much time on them, everyone will be voluntarily jumping on the runaway bandwagon we call unemployment). Lets talk about the downfalls of unemployment, like actually having to look for a job. I mean, with all the jobs their, how can we get away with lying on our unemployment questionnaires for so long.

The bottom line is this kind of welfare needs to be crushed with an iron fist. These people think the hard working tax payers of this country owe them everything, I mean its not like they paid into some kind of insurance fund that would allow them to collect in times of economic trouble. The people are having way to much fun, and with Fox News advertising these dream vacations, the unemployment numbers are sure to go through the ceiling. I know if I was employed, the first thing I would do after reading this article…quit my job.

Original Article from Fixed News

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