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Forcing USDA Official to Resign Over YouTube Clip was the Right Call, Agriculture Chief Says…until he changed the channel and saw the unedited video

This is a tale of true confusion, is she a guilty of racism in the court of Fox News or not? If we watch the 99.9% of the clips aired so far on this story,such as the one below, the verdict is guilty.

The problem is that this rare puzzling clip surfaced from the network itself, stating that Fox has been tricked into airing only half of the story. The clip starts off with the same clip that we already know and love, and ends the same way the previous clips have ends, but to much of our surprise Bret Baier claimed that the network was tricked into airing only a small portion of the video. To add to the confusion, the caption at the bottom of the screen announced things like: “SHERROD: I DIDN’T GIVE “FULL FORCE” OF AID TO WHITE FARMER”, and “VILSACK:”ZERO TOLERANCE” FOR DISCRIMINATION AT AG DEPT”. The truly suspicious thing was that even though the discussion did not match the captions, their also was no video evidence showing that anything was taken out of context. Watch the full video of that discussion here and decide for yourself.

Glenn Blesus Washington King also pointed this story out saying “First I want to delve into this story because I think the media is involved.“(3:30 in that video) Now I’m very confused, what would make Glenn reach the crazy conclusion that the media was involved. It certainly couldn’t be the ten minute clip focusing on the story at the top of the page that aired the night before she was forced to resign. Glenn continues on how this was all NAACP’s(around 7:00 in last link) fault for looking into the story before making a judgment call. Now is it just me or is he waging war against Fox News. Did he really just say its the NAACP’s fault for trusting FOX News or is he saying its the NCAAP’s fault that FOX aired the clip before they knew what they were talking about.

last thing, I want to point out that I fully agree with Bret Baier, this is in no way Fox News responsible for getting the women fired. Its not like they had the clip running 24/7 or anything like that, they only posted it on their website.

The FULL Shirley Sherrod video

The out of context part of this speech starts at about 16:50

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  1. I’ve been arguing with someone about this clip all day, mostly with him calling me and the tea party as a whole racist for not bashing Fox and Breitbart. Sure, it was out of context, but if you listen to the reactions of the NAACP members, they seem to agree with everything, including the remarks of how she failed to help a man to the best of her ability because he’s white.
    After talking to these people all day, I’m glad to see a few people I can agree with.

    As for the NAACP and others blaming the media, it’s their own responsibility to fact check before they make such rash decisions. It also shows how little research is done in those organizations to uncover truth and their extreme reactions to half truths or opinions.

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