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Fox News Decides: Can Fox News Kill You?

Avocacy groups and the church are putting their faces right back where they belong, in your back window. Fox News wrote an editorial on assisted suicide which has not only been on their front page for over 5 days before they completely deleted it from their site, but it makes some very valid points. The main thing here is that if the church says its bad, IT MUST BE BAD. In other words, if your in incredible pain and have to spend the next six months of your life like this before you die, the church says you can’t go, so deal with it bucko.

Now if we ever legalized assisted suicide, you would see people who suffer from the smallest paper cut, to stage 4 brain cancer wanting to be put down. Like the article points out, it hurts a lot worse when you are onlymentally ill, then when you have a tumor bulging out of your head.

Whats that? YOU SAY ITS ALREADY BEEN LEGALIZED IN AMERICA? Death With Dignity Act, what? This is insane, thier must be thousands, if not millions, of people putting themselves to sleep a year, especially in a state like Oregon. What, the mentally ill cannot choose to use these services, definitely a lie. Government statistics say only 460 people in the past 11 years have chosen the death with dignity way out, I’ll believe it when I see it on Fox News.

Original Article is not here because Fox News has removed it but this link will take you to a google search where you can find bits and pieces of  the on other sites article.

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