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Holy Crusades: Breaking down the worthless walls separating State and Church.

The question dealing with the barrier between church and state, who needs it anyway? Other then the endless holy crusades, and mass murders of people due to a conflict of religious beliefs, their is no real reason to keep the two from joining forces once again.

The article goes on to discuss how the number of complaints by ‘liberal’ whiners have been on the rise. These complaints, which are increasingly annoying, continue to build the wall separating church and state. Little do they know, Fox News has a solution to that, Glenn Blesus, and an endless amount of airtime in which we can run the same segments on the subject over, and over again.

The article then goes on to discuss a huge problem in the small town of Augusta, Ga. Here you have these complainers, complaining about a prayer that takes place before tax funded, government meetings. The Freedom From Religion Foundation claims that these prayer are a strict violation of the constitution. On the other hand, Fox News and the city’s law department know that the Supreme Court was only joking when deciding the outcome of Engel v. Vitale.  Granted the case only applies to non-denominational, voluntary prayers in public schools,  and the outcome of that case definitely will not influence any future cases involving a public office, paid for by tax payer money.

Being a Fox News loving Constitutionalist, I’d like to take some time to discuss the true meaning of the first amendment. The freedom of religion to us avid Fox News listener means, if you are Christian or Catholic, your are free to practice it openly America. If not, be prepared to be feel extremely awkward, especially in places your tax money goes to.  Just remember, the establishment clause of the first amendment is nothing more than an illusion put their by the devil to distract us, kind of like dinosaur bones.

Original Article Here.

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  1. haha very good post, I lol’d more than once.

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