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The Patriotic Ramblings of Glenn Blesus; Nissan Leaf vs. Chevy Volt

This true American patriot has done it once again. The superhero talk show host displays his patriotism by boasting about the 100 mile to the battery Nissan leaf. He defends the Leaf against the America made Chevy Volt, informing his viewers that the Volt only gets 40 miles per charge. Why does favoring a Japanese made product over an American made product make him a true patriot? It gives him the chance to promote the bad choices made by the nation’s president, a truly patriotic move.

Now even though the Volt, unlike the Leaf, has the unecessary capability to switch over to gas once the battery is dead, it’s still utterly worthless. I mean who wants to go further then a hundred miles without having to stop for a full 8 hours to charge.  Also, I don’t know about you, but I like waiting the full eight hours for my car to charge without any technology available to speed up the charging process like that worthless Volt has. To top this off, who wants to pay Forty Thousand for a car that has dual energy technologies, when we can pay only 32 thousand for a car that only runs solely on electricity with no backup plan.

So remember America, next time you want to do something truly patriotic, such as Glenn Blesus Washington has, let someone know how much better the Nissan Leaf is in comparison to the Chevy Volt. Also make sure to leave out the blanks we filled in here (some of those crazies out their look at those features and might see the Volt in a more favorable light). Once again America, thanks for reading, and make sure to listen to the messiah, blesus, in his own words, original video here (the clip is about four minutes long and the part discussed in this article is at the very beginning of the clip).

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