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Iran’s Nuke in Progress Program Might Threaten America’s 5,113 stockpile

In a recent addition to the Fox News tribute to the bombing Iran page, a report which is drastically similar to almost every other report on that page, has been published. The report highlights accusations that the evil doers in Iran are proceeding with their nuclear program even though the western created global community instructed them not to. This situation is just as bad as when Saddam and his regime had tens of billions of weapons of mass destruction in the country of Iraq.

The Iranian government has repeatedly stated that their nuclear program is being used for a peaceful energy program. This is a complete crock of *ish. We know, just like we did before we invaded Iraq, that they got WMD. The International Atomic Energy Agency stated that Iran had created 2.5 tons of low-enriched uranium that can be used for fuel.  This amount of low enriched uranium has the capability to be turned into two, thats right, count that, two, nuclear weapons. Now consider this, you have a fight between a country who has 5,113 nuclear weapons, and a country who might have 2 sometime in the future, who’s going to win. It’s quite obvious, the country with the possibility of having 2 in the future, come on people thats why it’s so scarry.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a recent speech, warned the west to stop  “resorting to lies and hue and cry”. Well if this isn’t a blatant lie in itself. You Mr. Iranian President are the liar, and all of you evil Iranians are trying to produce nuclear weapons. This kind of rhetoric sound exactly like the lies the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, was still clinging too even after he was captured. This just proves that even when you have hardcore evidence against these people, they will lie again and again, even when faced with death.

Now why in the world would a country like Iran want to create a nuclear weapon in the first place. It’s not like some huge foreign military superpower is going around the middle east devouring little countries for resources in the name of freedom. And it’s not like they have nuclear armed neighbors, like Israel, who own anywhere from 75 to 200 nuclear weapons. Wait a minute, I think I’ve got it, don’t they hate our freedoms like those other people we are fighting.

So in conclusion, we need to stand up, invade a soverign nation that has not attacked us, and destroy their potential possibly one day nuclear stockpile. This is the only option we have to restore peace to the middle east. Without the displacement and death of hundreds of thousands of people, combined with a smoking gun, how can we successfully enforce democracy.


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