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Fox News, Now Leading in Misleading News

Fox News, living up to its long standing standards, gives its readers more over the top, valuable information. The latest in Fox’s news vault is an article about the funding of the Ground Zero Mosque a.k.a Park 51(traditional mosque name).  The article’s link which was titled “Report: Ground Zero Mosque Investor Contributed to Designated Terror Group” was conviently located right below a link titled “Authorities Say Fire at Tenn. Mosque Is Arson“. The cleaver positioning of the two articles almost implies that the arson was justified(which it was) by the funding of terror mosque.

Now if you are an avid visitor to the Fox News website, the title of the article says it all. Their is really no reason to go any further by clicking the link and doing any of that dreaded, painful reading. If for some reason you choose to read this article you should probably skip over anything in the fourth paragraph, except for the first sentence, along with paragraphs 5,7,8, and 9.

These paragraphs are really just fillers containing irrelevant facts about how the Mosque funder, Hisham Elzanaty, donated to a charity that at the time was a charity claiming to support humanitarian programs. The same charity was able to fool the general public into thinking it was a reputable charity, receiving donations from millions of other Americans and multinational corporations such as Microsoft. The charity was at one time suspected of aiding terrorist groups but their was no solid proof that the charity was anything but a charity until 2001 when Federal Authorities discovered the charity was in fact funding Hamas.

See, minor details that do not change the validity of the title whatsoever.

Original Article Here


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