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Love Thy Neighbor (unless their Muslim)

In a recent article on FoxNews.Com, the news organization wrote a piece on the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida, which plans on burining the Koran on September 11th this year. Fox, which should be widely credited for giving the event its immense popularity across the country (SEE FOX NEWS ADVERTISED BOOK BURNING ARTICLE) is sure to be at the event, as this is a story that is sure to win the hearts and minds of Christians along the bible belt.

Upon rumors of the book burning, Afghan local nationals hit the streets in protest. These protests prompted General Petraeus, the commanding general of Afghanistan to make a statement denouncing the burning. Petraeus stated the event will put deployed troops and civilians at home in even more harm. Pastor Terry Jones wrote this off as fear mongering and stated that if violence resulted, it was in no way related to the book burning.

The same question that has been repeatedly ask to the Imam planning the non-mosque community center with a few levels dedicated to worship at near ground zero; who is your supporters, was was asked to Pastor Terry Jones. Jones replied with a if he doesn’t have to, why do I? Fox decided for one reason or another to not dive into the issue as it had done with the non-Mosque community center with a few levels dedicated to worship(uncovering a Christian extremist network is not as important as uncovering a peaceful Muslim community center).


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