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Fighting Fox News With Fox News: Mosque Funding

In a recent article titled Fox News, Now Leading in Misleading News, we discussed how Fox had published an article that revealed a major funder of the Ground Zero (Not A) Mosque, Hisham Elzanaty, was a funder of terrorism. The Article alleged that Elzanaty was a major donor to the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development charity in the 90’s. The charity, in 2001 was shut down by the federal government due to the discovery that it was using it’s donations to fund the terrorist group Hamas. The following clip is the Fox broadcast on the breaking news for its television viewers.

Now for the few small details that the television broadcast left out but the online article filled in. The organization which the reporter was calling a terrorist organization was, at the time Elzanaty donated, considered to be a reputable charity. The charity, which was the largest Islamic Charity in the U.S. at the time, was supposedly using its donations to fund humanitarian programs. Now I know what your going to say, the TV people at Fox said that it was a well know fact that the charity was supporting terrorist groups in the 90’s. The one small tid bit of information the nice people at Fox left out in their TV broadcast was that on top of millions of Americans donating to this charity, multinational corporations such as Microsoft and GE also donated to HLF. So lets put this into perspective, what makes more sense? Multinational corporations risking their corporate image to donate to a charity that was widely known to be a terrorist organization, or those multinational corporations, along with millions of Americans to include Mr. Elzanaty were fooled into giving money to what they thought was a charity.

Q. Why won’t they disclose where the funding is coming from?

A. If you were putting together a multi million dollar project and a news corporation was running a completely unfounded smear campaign against you and your project would you want to give the names of the people who were giving you the money to fund the project? If you were stupid enough to disclose that information to the media, you would run into scenarios like the one discussed in this article. A story being put together that is founded on nothing more than distorted facts and lies, which consist of personal attacks on your donors and discourages the next guy from donating to your cause. Sounds like a pretty good reason to not disclose that kind of information to the press. At the same time the media outlet knows that its a win, win scenario for them. If they disclose the donors, the media can run the kinds of stories they are currently running on the donors. If they refuse to disclose the donors, The media can run hype stories asking the question at the top of this paragraph over and over again, implying that the organization has something to hide.


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