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No Dict on our Waves

A new breaking news headlines from Fox suggests that we as Americans should not give the leader of Iran, President Ahmadinejad, air time on our nations TV networks. The article, titled “ No Ahmadinejad on U.S. Airwaves” is an op-ed that discusses the interviews American journalist have done with the dictator over the past few years. The interviews discussed ranged from the “Larry King Live” show, to the most recent interview done with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchelle. The article then goes on to say “American networks should reply with a throaty “No” to any overtures from his handlers, and definitely not offer any “exclusive” interviews.”

Now I know what your  gonna say, whats wrong with censoring a dictator from a third world country that happens to be an enemy of the United States? Well first off, you have to remember that we are not in Iran. We do not censor anyone, especially people we don’t like. Dissent from the other side is what made and makes this country flourish. Secondly, you are not only censoring the Iranian dictator, you are censoring our nations media. The media plays a huge roll in public policy today(it practically decides it for us). To start censoring what they can and cannot cover would more then likely be a bad idea.

These friendly people at Fox know how to play their audience like a fiddle. They find a subject which is very sensitive to their viewers, such as interviewing President Ahmadinejad. Then they put out a suggestion like keep him off US airwaves. This in turn gets their viewers little hampster wheels turning at record speeds, resulting in them thinking that it is a great idea to censor him. Then the same people go on claiming they are strict Constitutionalists, and that Democrats are destroying the Consitution, when in fact they just supported suppressing the First and most cherished Amendment.


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