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2010 GOP Agenda Pre-Release date Release by FNC

Today Fox News really let the cat out of the bag. They went ahead and released the whole Republican agenda titled “Pledge to America”, a day before the Republicans were going to have their big lumber yard meeting to release the agenda. The article outlines several things the GOP will be pledging to accomplish if they become the majority in the house after the general elections this fall.

Heres a snapshot of what the Republicans have to offer in Pledge To America:

– A plan to award small businesses a tax reduction of 20 percent of business income. This sounds good, but how will this create new jobs. Most small businesses have been operating with roughly the same amount of workers for years. Do they really need to to hire new ones (I think of the family owned convenience store down the road, its a small business, but has no plans for new workers even if their are tax breaks). I think they should slightly change that idea too giving new businesses some form of tax break, but what do I know.

— They plan on reining in the red tape. Red tape can lead to having to follow procedures that were put in place because other companies tried making shortcuts and in the process made a few boo-boos. After we effectively cut this tape BP can have as much fun as they want to in the Gulf without having to worry about stupid procedure biting them in the ass later. And how about all those nice eggs that were distributed across the country this summer making the public that ate them feel mmm mmm good. Cut the red tape and we can start to having more incidents like these (but probably better, more intense ones).

– To try and not package bills together anymore, and definitely not bundle military budget items.

– Put a permanent end to too big to fail (the only way to do that one is dismantle these giant corps that account for most of the countries GDP, like to see that one happen).

– Because 1 million employees in the security field is not enough, demand a hiring freeze on all non security Federal employees.

– Allow 72 hours for all bills which have to explain how they are Constitutional(who needs a judiciary branch when you have congress deciding whats Constitutional and whats not) to be read before being voted on.

– Renew the war on terror by pledging to keep terrorist suspects off U.S. soil(torture is not illegal if it’s not done on our soil, this is a great way to keep up our wholesome world wide image.

– This one that goes hand in hand with keeping the government out of your business. They want make the Hyde Amendment, a law that has to be renewed yearly and puts a ban on federal subsidies for abortion,  permanent. See, they are thinking about the lower class. They won’t have to walk through all the hecklers at the abortion clinic anymore, they can go straight to their discrete back alley clinic which is a perfectly safe alternative.

– They obliviously also want to kill healthcare, and extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich and middle class.

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The Upcoming Republican Agenda

After being labeled the party of no, with little or no suggestions about what to do after saying no, the Republican Party is reportedly on the verge of an idea. In a recent article on FoxNews.Com, the announcement of an upcoming formal agenda was released by the Republican Party. This event is to take place on September 23 in the best place to discuss cutting your healthcare, a lumber yard. The party plans on releasing this don’t get hurt and/or sick agenda at Tart Lumber Company in Sterling, VA.

The owner of the lumber yard, Craig Fritsche, told Fox he hopes the Republicans include an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts in their agenda. He states that when the tax cuts expire and the rates return to their normal numbers, it will still be a tax increase to him. This is coming from a man who is obviously deeply concerned with the deficits, and is in dire need of those tax cuts.

The Republican agenda will most likely include such items as  annihilating healthcare, extending the Bush era cuts for the all classes, resurrecting Jesus, and occupying the entire Middle East. The announcement is supposed to differ from the 1994 social contract made with the public. This time around no one actually will sign a contract. The reason for no signatures, so no one who signed has to feel bad when nothing positive happens to the country.

Keep in mind, the very same day Republicans plan on announcing that one of their key positions is to kill the healthcare bill, key portions of the health care bill go into effect. The provision that would make it illegal for insurance companies to deny children with pre-existing conditions coverage would go into effect. The provision that would make it illegal for insurance companies to drop you if you got sick, would go into effect. The lifetime coverage cap would be lifted, and children up to the age of 26 who are living at home would be able to get coverage under their parents insurance plan.

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