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Virtual Food Drive

The Rhode Island Community Food Bank is pleased to offer a Virtual Food Drive. This secure website allows you to select foods of certain cash values and add them to a shopping cart. Once your cart is full, proceed to the virtual checkout and pay with your credit card. The Virtual Food Drive allows you to leverage more food for your donation and is convenient and easy to use.

Why a Virtual Food Drive?

A traditional food drive, where actual food is collected and then donated to the Food Bank, is a valuable resource to generate non-perishable food items for people in need. These food drives offer the opportunity for a “hands-on” experience, an aspect that is now available through the Virtual Food Drive experience. By representing the amount of food that your gift will provide, along with giving donors the opportunity to select specific food items, the Virtual Food Drive is a convenient alternative to a traditional food drive.

Click here to contribute through the Food Bank’s Virtual Food Drive

Click here for the RI Food Bank’s Website

Food Bank Locator


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